ART Desktop Publishing Services

Art Related Technology offers a full line of desktop publishing services. From simple typesetting to newsletters, annual reports and corporate identity, ART can put your ideas into print.

ART’s Desktop Publishing Services


All of our projects are quoted on a per-job basis, based on the production rates below:

Please note that the above pricing does not include output, delivery charges or meeting time.

Here's how it works

First, contact us by e-mail or phone (617-661-1225) with a general description of your project. To help, we've assembled a short questionnaire to help collect the information needed for us to accurately quote your job:




What would you like to produce?

Do you have printed materials or electronic materials that relate to this job?
Yes No

Has this job ever been layed out/produced before?
Yes No

When do you need the job to be finished?

How many colors will the job be produced in?
1 Color 2 Colors 3 Colors 4 Colors
4 Color Process (CMYK) More than 4 colors

If in color, what colors will you be using?

Do you have a paper stock in mind? (if applicable)

What is your budget? (Range)
$ to $

Is there something you could fax to us that could give us an idea of how this should look? (sketches OK)
Yes No
If yes, fax it to (617) 491-0618.

this information to ART or the form.

Thank you for your interest in our Desktop Publishing Services. If you have any general questions regarding our company or services, please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 617-661-1225 for details.