FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Welcome to the Art Related Technology's FTP area. Here you can order our imagesetting services online and send us your file electronically. To ensure your file transfers correctly please see "How To" instructions below .
  • Step 1: Compress the file, graphics and fonts into one archive using Stuffit, DropStuff or PKZip. You can get DropStuff here.
  • Step 2: Fax an order form and a copy of the file to 617- 491-0618
  • Step 3: Proceed to FTP screen or find out "How To" use FTP below.
How to use FTP:
Step 1: Compress your file using StuffitLite or PKZip. Download Stuffit Lite here.
Go to 2
Step 2: Open a new browser window and type the URL ftp://ftp.artrelated.com or click here.

Then click on the incoming folder.
Go to 3

Step 3: Position the windows on your computer so that you can see the files you want to upload and your browser window at the same time.
Step 4: Drag your file into the browser window and drop it in to finish the process. You should get a message on your screen telling you that the file is being copied over
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The most common error message you may receive is that you do not
have permission to write your files to the server. This only occurs if
you name your files with spaces or unusual characters. Try renaming
the file and sending it again.