Typesetting Order Form
To order our typesetting services, fill out the form below and send it to ART. There is also a previewing feature that allows you to get a general idea of what your type will look like. If you have additional specs for the type, such as a font that does not appear in the pop-up menu, mark it up as follows:
Text to typeset [Avenir Bold, 18/22]
Where "18" is the point size and "22" is the leading.

Order Information:

Type to set: Header area (leave blank if no copy is to be used as a headline).
Point Size: Leading: Alignment:
Font:Type Style:

Type to set: Body copy.
Point Size: Leading: Alignment:
Font:Type Style:
To see a rough preview of the typesetting you have specified, click on the button below. Please note that, due to the inherent limitations of HTML, leading will be disregarded (For purposes of the preview only. Typesetting job will reflect your leading specs.) and point sizes will be only a rough approximation (HTML does not handle point sizes). Furthermore, the font will only display correctly if it is loaded on your system. It will appear correctly on your typeset job.