ART WWW Design Services

Whether you are looking for a basic web-site or to integrate/interface with a database and search engine, we have the experience to offer both, or something in between.
The web offers international exposure as well as the ability to present your products and services in a clear and dynamic light. Your site can be as passive or interactive as you wish. A web site is a pliable living entity which develops over time, growing and changing with your company, enabling you to add and subtract at will. As a complement to your print matter, the web can circumvent or reduce major investments in print.
ART If you're thinking of creating a new website or want to update an exising site, give us a call at 617-661-1225, e-mail us at or fill out our WWW request form. We’ll help you through the process.

To get a better idea of our approach, take a look at some of the web sites we've developed:


Websites are quoted based on the size and function of the website, and overall design put into it. A small, text-only site will not cost as much as a large site with database scripts and streaming media will.

Creating new web sites:

Before any work is done an initial meeting is set up to discuss the focus, aesthetics and function of the site in detail. A site plan is created to establish flow, content and navigation. A proof site is created to show you a rough overview of concept and navigation. After you’ve had the opportunity to view/review and critique this we make changes and finalize the design, and begin to include images and text. You have the ability to visit the site throughout development.

Sites fall into two broad categories:

Informational: Most websites are informational and act as a resource for corporate and product information, and as a center for contacting the organization.

Functional: Other sites utilize the web to link to databases, provide online shopping and as a gateway to a corporate intranet. Whatever your need, we can help.

We usually set up our sites to deliver the maximum functionality while retaining support for most browsers. If desired, other web technologies (JavaScript, Java, CGIs, Shockwave, PERL, etc.) may be implemented if the need arises. This all depends on what function(s) the site will perform.

Here’s a quick approach to changing an existing site:

  1. Make updates and edits to the existing site now if you know what you want done, then address the long term, such as re-design and maintenance. Text edits and some graphics can be done quickly, while re-design and site navigation takes some planning. We could fast track this if you are in the “want it done now” mode.
  2. We can obtain all materials needed to edit your existing site online immediately. However we will need a USERID and PASSWORD to put the updated files on the web server. If necessary, we could supply the files via e-mail or disk, but this can be time consuming and error-prone, as it requires that a third person update the www server files.
  3. Corporate ID materials are helpful in carrying a particular look through the site, especially if image work is to be done initially. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that not all materials look as good on a monitor as they do on paper and vice versa. Be prepared to make small layout changes to existing materials if necessary in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing in the medium on which they appear.

Some Quick Tips if you’re thinking about setting up a web site:

Other internet-related services are available. Download our Internet Services PDF for more information.