Delivery Charges:

Delivery of your final output can be delivered to you in a number of ways. You may pick up your job at:
Art Related Technology
4 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
(Red door, next to the Greenhouse in Harvard Square. We're on the third floor, room 309)
UPS/FedEX charge: $15.50

Courier charges:
Delivery Area: Charge:Delivery Area: Charge:
Allston $12.00Malden$15.00
Andover $39.00Marblehead$36.00
Belmont $14.00Natick$26.00
Beverly $14.00Needham$23.00
Boston - Downtown $12.00Newton$17.50
Boston - Copley Square$12.00Newton Center$14.00
Boston - East Boston$15.00Newton Corner$14.00
Boston - Kenmore Square$12.00Newton Upper$17.00
Brighton $12.00Reading$26.00
Cambridge - Central Square$10.00Salem$35.00
Cambridge - Harvard Square$8.00Somerville$12.00
Cambridge - East Cambridge$10.00South Boston$22.00
Cambridge - North Cambridge$10.00Topsfield$40.00
Chestnut Hill$19.50Watertown$13.00
Jamaica Plain$23.00


Emulsion refers to the side of the film that the photosensitive "emulsion" exists on. Your printer will have a preference as to which side of the film the emulsion is on. Please consult with your printer before ordering films, because this may affect the quality of the printed piece. The printer will tell you they either want right-reading emulsion down films, or right-reading emulsion up films, referring to the side of the film the emulsion is on when the type can be read legibly (not flopped).
Positive Negative Right Reading
Emulsion Up (RREU)
Right Reading
Emulsion Down (RRED)

Line Screen (LPI):

Lines-per-inch refers to the frequency and size of the dot in halftone prints. Please check with your printer if your document contains images or gray/tint values to determine line screens. The table below offers common line screens and usages. This is meant to be a guideline only. ART is not responsible for incorrectly specified line screens. Please note: LPI is not DPI (Dots per inch).
Line ScreenCommon Uses
65-85 lpiNewspapers, photocopying
85-100 lpiNewspapers, photocopying, uncoated stock
100-120 lpiUncoated stock, some coated stock, magazines
133-150 lpiMagazines and offset printing
175 lpi and upHigh-end color offset printing

Resolution (DPI):

Resolution is measured in dots-per-inch, and refers to the amount of dots used to create an image or graphic. Our standard resolution is 1200 dots per inch, which uses 1,200 dots to create an image in any given inch of imagesetting. This is more than adequate in most cases. However, if you are using a line screen of 150 lpi or more, you will need to use 2400 dpi resolution.

Turnaround Times: Imagesetting.

Art offers four different turnaround times:
Standard24 Hour turnaround.
OvernightIn by 6:00 pm out by 9:00 am
Same Day RushIn by 11:00 am out by 5:00 pm
Panic 3 Hour turnaround
Please note that jobs will be logged in when they are received, not when they are sent. Please call (617) 661-1225 for exact time the job will be ready.

Turnaround Times: Large Format Output

Art offers two turnaround times for large output:
Standard48 Hour turnaround.
Rush When Available24 Hour turnaround.
Please note that jobs will be logged in when they are received, not when they are sent. Please call (617) 661-1225 for exact time the job will be ready.